Gastronomic restaurant in Alsace in Riquewihr
gourmet restaurant riquewihr alsace

Little known Restaurant & authentic experience

Atmosphere incarnate

Between its passion red walls, the gastronomic restaurant La Table du Gourmet (Michelin star & green star, 4 toques in Gault&Millau) is the pure expression of the Brendel univers: an elegant and stylish space housed in a 1539  Renaissance house. When the history of yesterday and that of today meet, the resulting big bang gives birth to an embodied decor, a preamble to an inspired journey to Riquewihr. Perpetual discovery.

Jean-Luc Brendel – gourmet restaurant riquewihr alsace next to Colmar
Jean-Luc Brendel – gourmet restaurant riquewihr

The omnipotence of plants, instinct & creative flashes

3 Ecotable macaroons

A chef's total commitment to sustainable and responsible gastronomy, in homage to nature and to his land of Alsace. Because the expression "cultivating one’s own garden" could have taken root here, Jean-Luc Brendel does a lot of the gardening, composts, selects, raises chickens and produces honey. He is the author of a spontaneous, fresh and free cuisine, a cuisine of the essential, of cultivated or wild products, of emotions and travels, and he signs his plates in green. Emotional upheaval and eco-responsibility.

Jean-Luc Brendel – gourmet restaurant riquewihr
gourmet restaurant riquewihr alsace - la table du gourmet by Jean Luc Brendel

Garden cuisine, hyperseasonality and purity

By embodying the omnipotence of Mother Earth as a nourishing source, plants capture the original tastes and reveal their incredible gastronomic potential. It is no longer a question of season, but of the periodic calendar of Mother Nature. Creative bursts, aromatic cataclysm and subtleties, the purity of the product is concentrated to the point of exquisiteness. From the garden to the plate.

gourmet restaurant riquewihr - la table du gourmet
Jean-Luc Brendel – gourmet restaurant riquewihr alsace
Jean-Luc Brendel – gourmet restaurant riquewihr alsace
gourmet restaurant riquewihr alsace

Balancer of tastes


Seeking balance in opposites, punctuating the phrasing to bring relief, comforting and shaking up at the same time. Jean-Luc Brendel's cuisine plays with counterpoints with virtuosity. A balancing act, always on the edge. Subtlety in weightlessness. A tightrope walker.

Barbecue & texture

Under the heat of the barbecue, the meats crumbles, the texture comes alive and the aromas are concentrated. Chewing releases the juices and reveals the extraordinary melting of the fibre. The explosion of flavours licked by the incandescence has something carnal that makes the experience intense. Depth.

Jean-Luc Brendel – gourmet restaurant riquewihr - la table du gourmet

A living, free and rebellious cuisine

Sauce & juice

Tasty, lively, rounded, the sauces are the backbone of a cuisine that has been thought through to the end with emotion in mind. They bind, reveal, accompany and underline. Harmony, complexity, the language is subtle. Multidimensional reading.

restaurant gatronomique alsace, riquewihr
Phrasing from salt to sugar and a sensory journey
Jean-Luc Brendel gourmet restaurant riquewihr alsace

Cook desserts

The garden, the forest and the mountains as a palette of expression, acidity and bitterness as a high point, the promise of restoring desire: the desserts are the conclusion of the sensory journey.

A touch of mystery, always.

gourmet restaurant riquewihr alsace france

Understanding wine down to its dregs


Come to Alsace and drink its soul. By classifying the Alsace Grands Crus by type of geology, the starred gastronomic restaurant La Table du Gourmet declares its love for the extraordinary mosaic of Alsace’s terroirs, in all its minute nuances. Under the leadership of Anne Hombrecht, Head Sommelier, it reveals an immense potential unknown to too many wine lovers. 

A unique approach in France, an encyclopaedic mastery: the magic equation of food and wine pairings of a rare intensity. A vibrant experience.

gourmet restaurant riquewihr - la table du gourmet

"Come to Alsace and drink of its soul."

Anne Humbrecht

Anne Humbrecht – restaurant riquewihr alsace

" Gentle, sensitive and genuine hospitality is required to touch the emotions of others "

Fabienne Brendel

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